Making Your Home Eco-friendly

Save electricity

Going green is a great way to help the environment and decrease your carbon footprint. It’s a way to ensure that you are doing your part in protecting the Earth and making it a better place for future generations. However, some people aren’t worried about these factors, and it’s hard to make someone care. It’s easy to think to yourself “What difference will one person make helping the entire world?” If this is you, consider how changes some of the processes in your life to be more ecofriendly can actually benefit you.

What Are the Other Benefits of Going Green?

Many of today’s products and appliances are ecofriendly. This means that they require less heat, water, and energy to run. What’s in it for you? Using fewer resources means that you will be charged less for utilities. An energy efficient dishwasher that holds more utensils at once and uses less water means that you will have to run less cycles and heat. The same goes for an energy efficient washing machine or drier. Talk to your local electrician, such as Mr. Electric, about how you can change the electrical processes in your home.

How Can I Get Started?

Aside from installing energy efficient appliances, there are plenty of other ways to be more environmentally conscious and save some money. Consider installing LED lights in your home. This stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The main benefit of using LED lights is that they last so long- which is both cheaper and more convenient for you. They last one and a half times as long as incandescent lights with a life of 50,000 hours. On the ecofriendly side, these lights only use 25% to 80% of the average lightbulb’s energy usage. See how much the stores around you are charging for their LED brands to see if it will be worth the investment. A simple proportion of price to the hours of light life will show the price per hour.

Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Why Its Important to Have your Carpets and the Rest of Your Home at its Best

clean home ready to sell

Anyone who has watched HGTV in the last decade knows how important staging is when it comes to selling your home.  You want to make certain that your home is perfect enough that they do not feel overwhelmed by the things they need to fix and neutral enough that they can see themselves in it. I am going through this process right now as I am about to sell my own home and move about halfway across the state for work.

Some of the changes you must make are obvious.  Hide the personal items, change the paint to neutral colors, make sure the sinks don’t leak and the doors close properly.  Others aren’t so clear.

Getting Rid of Deep – Set in Stains

If you have carpeting, you probably realize that you want it to be free of stains.  So if your carpeting is in good shape, you might not give it another thought.  However, there is more to your carpet that just how it looks. As a rule, no matter how clean you think the carpeting in your home when you are selling it I would hire your local Chem-Dry carpet cleaning business to come to your home and do a thorough, deep cleaning that also happens to of course be green and environmentally friendly which is why I prefer them to other services.

New carpeting looks different, but it also smells and feels different from older carpet.  It is unlikely that you are wanting to pull out your old carpeting and install brand new carpeting just to sell your home, so your best option is carpet steam cleaning.

Just like couches, mattresses, and pillows, carpeting can hold onto smells for a long time.  If you have pets, cook heavily spiced meals, or smoke, your carpet will take these scents into its fibers.  This smell will be the first thing potential home buyers notice when they open the door.  Carpet steam cleaning gets most of the smells out of the fibers, getting your carpet smelling like new.

chem-dry carbonated cleanIt can also help your carpeting feel new again.  When carpeting is new, it is springier than older carpeting, a bit softer and a bit more resistant.  Deep carpet cleaning the Chem-Dry way though hot water extraction processes can help revitalize it to the point that you get a lot of that texture back, which buyers will surely notice as they walk through your home.  So schedule service with professional steam cleaners and get your home ready to sell.

Why You Need a Generator Transfer Switch When the Power Goes Out

power outage

Do you often have bad storms in your area that can block out power in your neighborhood? Things like heavy rain, snowstorms, floods, or tornadoes can leave you without electricity for days or even weeks at a time. Being without power for extended periods of time is probably not your idea of fun.  In an age when almost everything we do takes power coming into our homes it can be tough to go without not only your TV and computer but also the ability to cook. Many people even require the use of medical equipment that uses electricity. Businesses too can’t afford to be without power because this is often the time when customers need them more than ever.

The Better Way to Use a Generator

portable generac generatorMaybe you already own a generator and hook it up through a transfer box or other method. If you don’t already own a generator because you are confused about which one to buy or how to set them up or you think they are too expensive, they can actually be a lot cheaper and easier to use than you think. Because they come in all different sizes you can buy one within your price range. All you need to do is first figure out how powerful of a generator you need, and secondly purchase a manual transfer switch kit for your home generator. The power output of portable generators is generally measured in watts, and can range from 1,000 to 10,000 or more. Chances are the one you want is somewhere in this range for example if you look at the Honda site and select different models you can get a feel for how much each one powers The Generac site is another good resource for comparing different units.

Generator Interlock Kit Benefits

interlock kit installationOnce you are the proud owner of a portable home or backup generator, you are going to need an interlock kit, the manual transfer switch I recommend. It allows you to safely and easily back feed power into your home in the event of an outage through your generator. It’s the safest, most simple and also legal way to do this. When you purchase one it will come with instructions, but basically it is installed onto the front cover of your electrical panel. It interlocks the main circuit breaker so that power can only come from the generator or the electric wires and not both. This is absolutely essential when you hook a generator to your home because it protects your appliances, electrical panel and even utility workers who could otherwise be susceptible to surges of power coming from your home when they are working on top of or beside the power lines. When choosing your kit you must match it up to the electrical panel in your home, something that is easier than it sounds.

Usability is another key of the interlocking kits for generators. They are first extremely affordable costing only about $150 for a high quality metal one (never buy the cheap plastic versions). They are simple to install and much cheaper when compared to generator panels or having to hire a contractor or electrician for an installation. Another one of my favorite things are how small and portable they are.

Finally, the biggest advantage of a manual interlock transfer switch is that fact that you can choose which items in your home you want to power. With a generator panel, you are required to pre-select which outlets you want to have hardwired. To us this just isn’t an option because we like to be able to choose where we like to send our power and we are sure you are the same way.

If you have any questions I recommend calling the friendly folks at the official interlock website ( at 804-726-2448.